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June is the beginning

June marks Dexter's Social media accounts @dexterdogouray. Dexter began Instagram on June 2017, YouTube on June 2018 and Tiktok on June 2020! What began on Instagram as a place to share Dexter's rehabilitation progression with family and friends began to spread throughout the United States as a story to all dog lovers. When the pandemic hit a visitor to our town took a Tiktok @pvmal "Don't be suspicious" when Dexter was being walked in an early morning walk with my Mom. It went viral and even went on to Barstool Sports and Jimmy Fallon. That was the beginning of Tiktok and posting once a day for Dexter Dog Ouray! Sometimes social media just finds you and by spreading the joy of this unique and positive dog just seems to resonate with everyone all around the World! We love June and our anniversary celebrations! Thanks for joining us and coming along for the ride!

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