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Dexter Dog Ouray is a Brittany dog Dexter and human Kentee. Dexter loves all humans, walking upright, sporting fashion hats, walking in the mountains, and napping on the couch.  Kentee loves Dexter (of course), working out, social media managing, art, filming Dexter, storytelling, dark coffee, and green jasmine tea. We want to inspire others to navigate adaptation and dare to be different. This journey is one of fulling embracing yourself, who you are and where you want to go in life.  The story and lifestyle inspire others to be positive, dig deep, overcome obstacles and live life to the fullest. 

We have partnered with brands including BarkBox, Science Hills Dog Food Commercial, Kong, Three Dog Bakery, Narwall Robot cleaner, Okaysou Air Filter, K9 Sport Pack, Birdsong dogbed, Besties dog tag, Toozey soft toys, Penguin Random House books, Halara Leggings, Ruff Wear dog vest, Veehoo Dog Beds, Toby and Ace Dog Bed, Dog Threads and more.


I create sponsored posts and videos and I am open to ambassadorship, events, and more. Rates depend on the scope of work but please feel free to reach out to me with all budget levels. Email me at to learn more or request a media kit. 

I became a full-time content creator in June of 2020. I have previously worked as an Event Coordinator for non-profits and volunteer organizations as well as managed a 2 million dollar hot springs, President of School Board Ouray District R-1, President of USCG (Coast Guard) Spouses Association, Speech Coach, Track Coach, Swim Coach, Personal Trainer, Basketball Stats Volunteer, and Weehawken Creative Arts Gallery Director, Artist, and Backstage Manager.  Ouray Ice Festival Director and Ridgway Rendezvous Art and Craft Director.

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