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 About Dexter Dog Ouray

Dexter, a Brittany walking upright, and Kentee, his human, work together telling a story about the road rarely taken. Videos capturing moments in time with the fearless unusual dog tell the 'tail' of a tragic accident, healing, adaptation while thriving in a new normal.


Dexter's funny antics fill our world with hope, inspiration, and humor while focusing on health, quality living, mountain lifestyle, art, and fashion.


Join us on our journey into the unknown with dexterdogouray.

Dexter was born with all four legs but he

escaped from the yard, pet parent's nightmare,

getting into an accident with a moving van.


Dexter Facts:

  • survived an hour's drive to the vet after the accident

  • has a wheelchair... stood up with it attached, wheels sticking out !!

  • the vet saved his life

  • went from typical dog to bipedal overnight

  • front leg is pinned at elbow causing a pegleg hop

  • caught on video from a tourist June 2020

  • loves hats, bandanas, and snuggles.

  • is a showman

  • loves all humans

  • loves walks, traveling, meeting new friends

  • enjoys being filmed, struts his stuff

  • always brings a smile with funny antics

  • is a Brittany dog

  • born in 2015

  • accident in 2016

  • runs faster than humans can.... watch out!

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