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my story

I was born on the plains of Colorado and my family took me home to the high Colorado mountains. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains I live in what is known as Switzerland of America.  

I was almost a year old when I escaped my yard. I am a Brittany Dog and we love to escape but we love home and snuggling too.  

That day changed my life forever as I ran into a moving van while my nose was on the ground following a scent.  Lucky for me my Dad had just found me and is an EMT and Mt. Rescue volunteer.  


After fighting for my life, an amazing vet named Dr. Franklin, surgeries, and rehabilitation, I began to move around on two legs. I did not trust my front leg because it would not hold my weight. I taught myself to walk upright after my accident.  I walked upright up the front porch stairs scaring my Mom right after surgery.  My front leg is still my weakest leg and is now pinned at the elbow.  

I own a wheelchair and after a month of rehabilitation on it I stood up with it strapped to my stomach!  

I love to go on walks (full speed runs) on two legs, protect my family from chipmunks, eat lots of treats, snuggle, give hugs standing up, play tug-of-war, sleep on the couch, and protect the world from the vicious deer!

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photo by Christian Murdock

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